Partners Transforming HealthTM – Mainstreaming Innovation in Health Care

Partners Transforming Health (PTH) supports innovators who bring life saving and life changing health care innovations, supported by effective business models and refreshingly transparent business practices to the health care market. As one of the nation’s fastest growing health care business-development consulting firms, PTH provides custom growth strategy, planning, execution and advisory board services to health care pioneers helping them to gain market footing and market growth.

PTH is mission driven. Founded on the principle of delivering the Triple AIM, we partner with innovators who share those ideals, are committed to revolutionizing health care, and are willing to challenge the status quo with their commitment to transparency in cost, service, satisfaction, and outcome measurement and reporting.

PTH is knowledge leadership in action. We understand the healthcare industry, from the perspective of the delivery system and the payer. We use our decades of experience to create unique and distinctive partnership and distribution strategies to help our clients to grow their businesses.

PTH is business strategy re-imagined. We take a holistic view thinking creatively, strategically and laterally with our clients to:

•   Identify new opportunities;

•   Create unique and distinctive partnerships; and

•   Understand and evaluate complicated product and service positioning opportunities.

PTH connects the dots. We are able to make connections your sales teams and other consulting firms cannot. The meetings we secure are with the right people, at the right level, at the right time. We understand your value proposition, and we prepare your prospects for their conversations with you.

As described recently by one of our clients, “PTH delivers on its promises to make the right connections…. They connect us, at the outset, with the people who are interested and capable of making purchase decisions. Without PTH’s support, our business team would typically make 200 outbound calls, to get 10 responses, perhaps one conversation, and that conversation often would be with someone at the wrong level or in the wrong department to fruitfully advance our sales process.” PTH screens for interest, lays the foundation for strategic fit, and in short, “helps us achieve results we could not achieve ourselves.”

PTH sees you through. We deliver service well beyond the introductory and planning stages. We guide and support you through the lifecycle of your client relationships. Such ongoing support is unique in the marketplace, but we have found it is the best way to create continued success for you and your clients, and in turn, for ourselves.